Having Trouble Paying Your Mortgage?

Having Trouble Paying Your Mortgage Florida Foreclosure Lawyers

Having trouble paying your mortgage is a common issue that people are facing particularly more during these trying times of a pandemic. While we are two years into this pandemic and still getting used to our new normal, people are continuing to be financially impacted by the pandemic. Furthermore, there are reasons that are not related to the pandemic that are forcing people into foreclosure.

If you need help avoiding foreclosure, please call our Florida foreclosure defense lawyers today. We can explore some options with you.

Reasons You’re Having Trouble Paying Your Mortgage

There could be a compound of reasons why you are having trouble paying your mortgage. Here are the most common reasons we have people come in needing assistance avoiding foreclosure:

  • A death in the household
  • A serious injury
  • An unexpected illness such as cancer
  • A divorce or breakup
  • A layoff in the household

Essentially, if there is a loss of income in the family for any of these reasons, you are likely to experience financial hardship. It is very understandable that you would be struggling to keep up with payments when you have unexpected expenses for medical bills, or you now have to learn to live without the income of someone who no longer is with you.

Please keep reading to learn about some solutions we can help you with.

What Can I Do If I Can’t Keep Up with My Mortgage?

The protections that were given to homeowners in the early portion of the pandemic were successful in decreasing the number of foreclosures that were seen in 2020. Unfortunately, there is not the same level of federal protection for those who have been affected by the pandemic.

However, we do have options for avoiding foreclosure that you might be interested in learning about if you are having trouble paying your mortgage right now. We urge you to reach out to us as soon as you possibly can.

Far too many people struggle with their mortgage payments for far too long before reaching out for help. We want you to come to us as soon as possible. Here are some options we have for you:

A modification to your loan would change the terms of your loan in order to help it be more manageable for you to start paying it and keep up with the payments. It will be based on your current financial situation.

Loan forbearance is a temporary pause to your mortgage that will give you some time to sort your finances to be able to return to mortgage payments in the future.

Call Our Florida Foreclosure Defense Lawyers

When you are having trouble paying your mortgage, we can help you explore some of your options for avoiding foreclosure. We would be glad to set up a consultation with you right away. Together we can go over your finances, discuss options for you, and then come up with a plan for you to save your home from foreclosure.

Please give our office a call right away to set up a consultation right away.

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