Effective Foreclosure Defense Strategies

Effective Foreclosure Defense Strategies

The idea of your house going into foreclosure is frightening. You are likely worried about what this is going to mean for your future. Fortunately, we know effective foreclosure defense strategies that can help you. We’ve been helping our community for many years. Please continue reading to learn more about this. Then give us a call to set up a free consultation right away.

Exploring Our Options for Foreclosure Defense Strategies

Sometimes the best way to defend yourself is to get on the offense. Sometimes when you are facing foreclosure, you can turn to the mortgage lender. There are instances in which the mortgage lender does not stick to the contract of mortgage.

We can look for any potential citing violations. When the bank does not follow the requirements, we can start to question your possible foreclosure. We can look into this and determine whether or not your lender was compliant with the law.

If this is one of the foreclosure defense strategies that we can use, it will help us get you a favorable outcome.

We can also look into whether or not your bank has any legal standing to foreclose on you. They have to be able to prove that there is a reason to do this to you. If they cannot prove that they own your mortgage, they do not have any legal standing.

Our foreclosure defense lawyers see this surprisingly often. We can investigate if there is any legal standing the bank has to foreclose your home. If not, we will use this defense for you.

Another one of our foreclosure defense strategies includes looking into whether you were incorrectly serviced. These are mistakes that the lender makes that could help us defend your foreclosure.

If you are wondering what it means to be incorrectly serviced, here are some examples:

  • There were mistakes in your payments
  • The lender violated fee agreements
  • Your property taxes were mis-applied

You can trust that our lawyers will uncover any of this misdoing. We can use this as a defense for the status of your foreclosure, and it can result in a favorable outcome for you.

There are specific foreclosure defense strategies that we can use for active-duty service members. There are protections in place for active-duty service members from facing civil action such as a foreclosure.

If you believe that your lender is violating your rights, we can use that as a defense.

Our foreclosure defense strategies have been effective in the past. We are eager to help you during this difficult time.

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You are not alone. In August of 2021, 8,348 foreclosure proceedings started. When you are facing foreclosure and want someone to help you come up with legal defenses, please call us right away for a free consultation.

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