Avoiding Foreclosure with the Help of a Lawyer

Avoiding Foreclosure with the Help of a Lawyer

If you are not making your mortgage payments and you are afraid of losing your home, you might be wondering how to save yourself from having to go through foreclosure. This can feel scary and embarrassing. You might be feeling helpless. Our Florida foreclosure defense lawyers want to give you hope where you feel powerless. Avoiding foreclosure gets made simpler when you are working with an experienced lawyer. Please give us a call right away to get set up with a free consultation.

Why Do People Go into Foreclosure?

There are three reasons why someone might go into foreclosure. They all have to do with not making payments. The first and most common reason someone goes into foreclosure is that they cannot keep up with their mortgage payments.

You can also go into foreclosure for two other reasons. Not paying your property taxes or fees for your homeowner’s association can lead to foreclosure.

You might be feeling like this is all your fault and that you could have avoided this somehow. One life change is all it takes to put someone at risk of losing their home.

There are plenty of things that happen to homeowners that they could never have planned for. Perhaps you were let go of your job and now you are terrified that you are soon going to be homeless.

Maybe your spouse or partner unexpectedly passed away and you are left to make up the difference in income. You may have been blindsided by a spouse asking for a divorce and now that they have left, you do not know how to keep up with your finances.

Modify Your Mortgage Loan

One option for someone who needs help avoiding foreclosure is through loan modification. In order for you to change your loan, you and your lender need to agree to new terms.

Your lender is likely avoiding foreclosure perhaps as much as you are. Foreclosure often means that they lose money, so they are likely to be amiable to the idea of helping you continue to make payments.

The loan will be modified to make it easier for you to pay the lender in a way that will benefit both parties.

Some things that you could get from a loan modification could be a change to your interest rate, changing how long you will pay the loan off, or waiving past late fees.

Get a Loan Forbearance

When you have a loan forbearance, this is a temporary period in which you do not need to make payments on your mortgage. This does not mean that you will never have to pay that money back.

This is basically like putting a pause on your payments so that you can rebuild your finances and get yourself to a place where you can pay your mortgage payments without a problem.

We can help you determine what would be the best option for you to try to do.

Call Us for a Free Consultation

If you need help avoiding foreclosure, please give us a call right away. Our Florida foreclosure defense lawyers would be glad to meet with you for a free consultation. We will get to know you and your concerns and then come up with a plan to save your home. Do not hesitate to reach out. We are here for you.

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